Catfish Fishing at Corona Lake

Published: 13th July 2010
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One of the best lakes for larger catfish happens to be Corona Lake in Southern California. This lake is stocked as much as three times a week with wiper, catfish, sturgeon, bass, bluegill and crappie. That's not the only thing the lake holds. Corona Lake also holds the state record for the largest catfish at a whopping 61 pounds as well as the record for largest Channel Catfish at 52 pounds.

Of course the use of the correct bait can be rather confusing with all of the options that are available to you. The most important thing to take into account when choosing a bait is to determine the size of fish that you are looking to catch as well as the temperature of the water. Cut-bait is best in the colder waters that are under 60 degrees. During the warmer months, fish such as catfish will be more active once the water reaches around 70 degrees or higher. This is when you will find that nitro bait or eagle claw will catch you some great catfish. However, if you are looking for even larger fish, you may want to use larger bait such as crayfish, frogs and live bluegill.

The tackle you will want to come equipped with should be a heavy rod of seven feet or a spinner reel that is fitted with a 30 pound test line. Be sure to match your reel to the size of catfish you are after. While light duty reels are designed to catch smaller fish, the heavy duty reels are designed to haul in the big guys.

Of course the most significant part of tackle is the hook and sinker. It is important to always try and use the lightest weight possible as well as a slip sinker. The use of a slip sinker will allow the catfish to grab the bait without detecting the weight of the resistance of the sinker. You must also always be sure to use a sharp hook with bait holders that are on the shank.

Plastic worms or sponges should also be used when you are fishing using one of the softer, prepared baits. Regardless of which bait you are using, always be sure to place it on your hook in the most natural way possible when fishing for catfish. Now that you know the drill, it is time to book your trip to Corona Lake and bring home those fish!

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